All liners are sold through the broker network. Please click here for a list of brokers who sell Botany Lane product.

All orders are subject to confirmation by Botany Lane and existing crop conditions.

Orders must be received by your broker by early Wednesday morning to ship the following week, to allow time to process your PO and transmit to us by noon (Mountain Time).

Volume Levels

The more you buy from Botany Lane, the better your pricing! These volumes update throughout the season as you order. Your brokers will be updated with your new pricing automatically once you reach the next level.

Volume levels for young plants:
0-5,000 units Volume 1
5,001-10,000 units Volume 2
10,001-25,000 units Volume 3
25,001-50,000 units Volume 4
50,001+ units Volume 5
Volume levels for pre-finished
& finished plants:
0-$2,499 Volume 1
$2,500-$4,999 Volume 2
$5,000-$14,999 Volume 3
$15,000-$74,999 Volume 4
$75,000+ Volume 5

Early Order Discount

Book your order before October 14th, 2022 and receive an Early Order Discount of 2.5%!

Applies to all Liners, Pre-Finished and Finished products sold through the broker network


For Liners

Tags for Mile High® Succulent liners are available upon request for orders booked at least 4 weeks in advance and will be shipped with the plants. Tags for orders of 25+ trays can opt to receive direct from supplier.

Tags for Flavor Table® Herb liners are also available upon request with same parameters as succulents

Tags for Mile High® Perennial liners are available upon request

Tags for Plant Select Perennials are mandatory, all other varieties are available upon request

Tags are mandatory for Hollywood Hibiscus and Diamantina Mandevilla liners

Tag prices vary, contact your broker for more information

For Finished & Pre-Finished

Finished Succulents come with a General Care tag at no extra cost

All other Finished and Pre-finished plants come with a Variety Specific Care tag at no extra cost


For Grow-To-Order bookings, no cancellations within stated lead times, as production will have been started.

Cancellations of orders booked from open availability can be made within 48 hours of booking, after that window, a 20% restocking fee will apply.


At Botany Lane, we will do our best to produce on time, based on input supply and availability. Due to variables in the growing process, products may be backordered. In the event of a back order, additional freight charges may be incurred.


Substitutions are not automatic and require approval.


Our goal is to deliver the best quality product in a timely manner to all of our customers. However, we understand that occasionally the need to file a claim will arise. We will do our best to replace the claimed items or issue credit when replacements are not available.

Photos are required for assessing all claim requests (except shortages) and must be representative of the entire claim. For example, photos for each affected tray or case. This allows us to address issues quickly and effectively.

Shortages & Quality

Claims must be filed in writing within 48 hours from date of receipt. Replacements will be shipped in a timely manner and freight will be charged in accordance to the original freight charge.

If it is unclear whether a claim needs to be filed pending the survival rate of a shipment, please submit a preliminary claim notification. Final numbers for preliminary claims must be submitted within 4 weeks of receipt.

Transportation & Delivery Claims

Claims must be filed in writing to your broker within 24 hours of date of receipt. Please keep in mind some carries will not honor damage claims unless there is visible damage to the outside of the box.

Botany Lane is not responsible for claims occurring in transit, all 3rd party freight ships at broker’s own risk.