We strive to ship every order the most economical way!


We ship by the case, via FedEx 2Day, across the US and Canada. Check with your broker for rates.

Minimum order – 2 cases (6-8 trays)

For larger orders (~50 or more trays) we pack our liners in strawberry boxes, stacked on a pallet. These will fit between 80-120 trays per pallet, depending on plant size, and ship by FedEx Pallet, LTL or FTL. Contact your broker for freight estimates.

For more remote regions, such as the Caribbean, we also ship Air Freight via Delta Airlines. Your broker may also have additional shipping options.

For Denver area and Front Range customers, we can also deliver on our Grower Truck as detailed here in the Retail Ready section.

Pre-finished Quarts

We can now ship PreFinished Quarts by case via FedEx 2Day, using our Safety Pack method, which secures pots and soil in place.

For larger orders, we ship as detailed below for FINISHED

Minimum order 2 cases (20 pots per case)

Finished Succulents

We pack our Indoor Succulents (decorative containers, no drainage) in custom cases and stack onto pallets, up to 30 cases per pallet which are shipped FedEx Pallet, LTL, FTL or Air Freight.

No minimum order per se, we recommend maximizing the cases per pallet to keep the freight per item reasonable.

All other finished including Outdoor Succulents (nursery containers with drainage)

We custom build shelved pallet shippers for maximum efficiency for every unique order. These are shipped FedEx Pallet, LTL, FTL or Air Freight.

As with finished succulents, we recommend maximizing the amount of plants on the rack. Empty space is expensive to ship, we’d much rather ship plants than air!

And of course, all items are available to Pick Up if you prefer to arrange your own transportation. Just let us know in advance when to expect you.


We protect our shipments against harsh weather, both hot and cold conditions, by using ThermoShield protective wrap inside our cases and surrounding our pallets.

In instances of extreme weather, we may postpone shipment.